Hillsborough Primary School

“We have just opened our new Foundation Stage Unit at Hillsborough Primary School which at present accommodates 90 children. We were really excited to learn we were able to create a new learning environment in a newly renovated building and had a clear vision of the provision and high standard we wanted. We had previously used SOTA for a bespoke shelving system for learning journals which because of its quality and the overall service we received from them made them our first choice to supply us with the new provision for the unit.

Upon delivery of the new provision we were not to be disappointed. We ordered a variation of bespoke storage and tables as well as interactive items such as bridges and tunnels, all of which came on time and were expertly fitted by their staff. Andy couldn’t do enough for us, nothing  was too small an issue and more importantly he kept us informed throughout and answered all our queries really promptly. We visited their showroom in Sheffield which gave us some fantastic ideas which I would highly recommend just to give you an Idea of what there is available.

The children are absolutely loving the provision and parents and staff have nothing but praise for the fantastic new unit and bespoke furniture which has transformed our learning environment.“