Bolsover Primary School

In the past, we have struggled to find furniture that supports our vision for the teaching and learning spaces in our school. We have bought a variety of catalogue-produced furniture that has been more of a ‘make-do’ solution. After discovering SOTA Interiors we honestly, haven’t looked anywhere else.

Working with Andy at SOTA we now have a bespoke solution to any idea that we have in mind!

This started with creating teaching and learning spaces in our corridors, which now look welcoming and provide precious space for us to work in. The furniture not only looks good it supports teaching and learning which include shelving, display areas and sliding whiteboards, which hide storage for key resources.

Outdoor areas have also been revamped – from a brief description of what you would like to achieve Andy realises your vision – I’m still not quite sure how!

A wasted landscaped area has now been transformed into comfortable teaching space for reading and positive play work. A seating area with car track, floor area for playing with construction and a bespoke guinea pig run has transformed this area. It continues to surprise me how little disruption and how smooth any installations are undertaken.

I wholeheartedly recommend SOTA interiors and Andy’s design influence on any projects you have in mind. He carefully questions and listens to what you want to achieve and then produces a bespoke design that meets your vision and the needs of your learners.

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